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Tinkerwell uses PHP to run your code and so it needs to know which container is responsible for running PHP. Click the Docker icon in the sidebar and select your container as well as your working directory. The working directory for your project is usually /var/www/html.

Earlier versions until Tinkerwell 3.4.0 relied on a docker-compose.yml file to run your project. This is no longer the case and you don't need to use the docker-compose.yml file anymore. Simply select the running PHP conainer and you are good to go.

DDEV, Lando, Warden, etc

Tinkerwell works with any Docker based development environment. If you are using DDEV, Lando, Warden, etc. you can simply select the running PHP container and Tinkerwell will automatically detect the correct working directory as long as Tinkerwell is able to run docker ps on your machine to detect the containers.

Docker on remote servers

After connecting to a server via SSH, select the Docker container that runs PHP like you would do on a local Docker project and you are good to go.


Tinkerwell doesn't support Kubernetes yet. If you need Kubernetes support, please email us at [email protected] so that we can collect demand for this feature.


If you are using Windows and running Docker in WSL, make sure to open your project via \\wsl$\Ubuntu\home\... and don't use \\wsl.localhost\ as this does not work yet.