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Tinkerwell allows you to create multiple tabs in your editor. Each of those tabs can open a different local or remote application folder.

Each tab can have a different tinker mode open. You could have one tab showing you the table result of an Eloquent query on one of your live servers, while the other tab is a simple scratchpad using the default Laravel application.

Open and close

To open a new tab, press Ctrl/Cmd + T.

If you want to close an existing tab, you can either press Ctrl/Cmd + W or click on the X icon in the tab title.


You can switch between tabs with the following commands:


Forward Ctrl + Tab, Cmd + Option + Right, Cmd + PageDown

Backward Ctrl + Shift +Tab, Cmd + Option + Left, Cmd + PageUp


Forward Ctrl + Tab, Control + Alt + Right, Control + PageDown

Backward Ctrl + Shift + Tab, Control + Alt + Left, Control + PageUp


Forward Ctrl + Tab, Control + PageDown

Backward Ctrl + Shift + Tab, Control + PageUp

Selecting a specific tab


Cmd + number of the tab

Linux / Windows

Control + number of the tab