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The Tinkerwell AI coding assistant

Tinkerwell has a mind-blowing AI powered assistant that doesn't break your coding flow. It is available with the convenient shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+K and can write or refactor the code faster than you can type.

The AI powered assistant deals with all the boilerplate code that you don't want to write yourself and allows faster iterations on new ideas than ever.

Bring your own API key

Every AI feature in Tinkerwell is powered by OpenAI. Instead of reselling their tokens with a huge profit margin, we believe that developers are comfortable using their own API key within applications and get the benefits of AI support at the lowest cost.

Jess Archer, Laravel Core team member
“Tinkerwell is the fastest way to test an idea or debug an application. It just keeps getting better and better!”

Jess Archer

Laravel Core team member

Elijah Ervin, Internal Application Engineer
“Tinkerwell is like if you mixed a whiteboard with a PHP interpreter and yet it runs under the context of your codebase. Relying on a scratchpad is dead.”

Elijah Ervin

Internal Application Engineer

Tinkerwell: The PHP Scratchpad

The must-have companion to your favorite IDE. Quickly iterate on PHP code within the context of your web application.

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