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The magical Laravel tinker app for macOS

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Tinker like never before

Tinkerwell is php artisan tinker on steroids. It comes with a Laravel 6 default project, so you can start experimenting right away. Ready for more? Enjoy the awesome features below.

Tinker locally

Tinkerwell can be used to run your code against local Laravel applications. Just select one of your local projects and start tinkering.

If you ever needed a multi-line tinker tool, this is it. Define variables, access models, and pipe through collections like never before.

Tinker via SSH

Tinkerwell connects to your remote Laravel applications via SSH and gives you a secure and convenient access to them. Your application code does not get modified โ€“ and there is no third-party package required.

You can even sync Tinkerwell with Laravel Forge to automatically import all your Forge sites.

Quickly test Laravel packages

Sometimes, you want to toy around with the API of a package before you add it to your application. Search for packages on packagist and install them with a single click. If you want to remove a package, Tinkerwell provides an easy uninstaller.

All packages are installed in the plain Laravel application that comes with Tinkerwell to make sure that we don't change your application code.

Tinker with controllers and views

In addition to tinkering only with PHP code, Tinkerwell also gives you the ability to tinker with a Laravel route and a Blade view. You can pass data to your view, just as you would within a Laravel controller.

Multiple themes and fonts

We all want to give our code editors that little unique touche - and that's why Tinkerwell also comes with the ability to change themes as well as your favorite coding font.

Don't have a nice looking font available? Don't worry, we ship some good looking defaults.

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Which operating systems are supported?

Tinkerwell runs on macOS.

If you are interested in Tinkerwell on another operation system, please sign up for the newsletter and select your desired operating system.

What are the system requirements?

Tinkerwell requires you to have libssh2 installed as well as a working local PHP binary. The minimum PHP version depends on the Laravel version that you want to tinker with, but we always recommend running the latest available stable version of PHP via homebrew for macOS.

You can install libssh2 (if not already available) using Homebrew: "brew install libssh2".

How can I get in touch with you?

You can send us an email at support@beyondco.de

Do you have a return policy?

In case you are unhappy with Tinkerwell, just get in touch with us within the first 14 days and we will figure it out.

Running a different operating system or just want to stay in the loop?

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