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Detail Dive

Detail Dive is the structured output mode of Tinkerwell that displays the result of a script with extra information and allows you to switch between multiple views of the output if the app detects specific results. Aside from the usual CLI output that is comparable to php artisan tinker, Detail Dive can collapse collections, arrays and relations, present listable results in a data table with filter options, preview emails but also give you an overview of the results and all objects with the Object Graph.

Expanding Cards

When Tinkerwell detects arrays or collections within objects, it can automatically collapse or expand them based on your preferences. You can dive into the details of a relation or just ignore them if you need a high-level overview.

Table Mode

Collections and arrays with lots of data are best viewed in tables – Tinkerwell provides an option to display them in a filterable and searchable table view. If you are working with data and run custom reports with Eloquent queries, you can export the data in the table as CSV file for use in other tools like good old spreadsheets.

Mailable Preview

Email testing has never been easier – instead of sending an email to a local or remote test inbox or tool, you can return a Mailable and Detail Dive detects the mail and renders it with the content that you crafted beforehand. That's the fastest way to test emails for Laravel developers.

Object Graph

When working with complex data structures and their relations, it's often helpful to view the data in a graph instead of a text output. The Object Graph allows you to get an overview of your result and display all objects in a graphical view where you can inspect the connections between all objects easily.

Benjamin Crozat, Indie Hacker & Blogger
“Tinkerwell allows me to prototype ideas in the most efficient way possible. I feel like my life was different before it.”
Benjamin Crozat

Indie Hacker & Blogger

Nic Rosental, CTO and Co-Founder
“The feedback loop using Tinkerwell is way shorter. It's saved me tons of time and it's a joy to use.”
Nic Rosental

CTO and Co-Founder

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