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Tinkerwell for Education

Tinkerwell allows you to run PHP code without messing around with web servers or a complex local development setup. This makes it the perfect tool for teaching and learning PHP and its ecosystem.

We've been students too – and that's why we've created this program to make our tools accessible for everyone.

Learn basic PHP

Tinkerwell can run PHP scripts and display their results without needing to set up a web server. This makes it ideal for teaching and learning PHP and its ecosystem without setting up a complex development environment.

Get familiar with variables, control structures, loops and more before you start using a framework like Laravel.

Level up with Laravel

The code editor includes a default Laravel application that allows you to use all methods and helpers from the Laravel framework. You can filter data with collections, consume your first API via the HTTP client, and more.

Once you build your first application, you can open it with Tinkerwell and prototype controllers before you implement them in your own project. This speeds up your development process and makes it easier to learn new technologies.

Individual licenses for students and teachers

If you are enrolled in an accredited educational program or teaching at and educational institution, you are welcome to apply. Accredited educational institutions are high schools, colleges, and universities.

You can get a free individual license if:

  • You are enrolled in an accredited educational program
  • You teach at an accredited educational institution

Schools and universities

If you are a teacher and you want to use Tinkerwell in your classroom, you can request a classroom license.

Classroom licenses

  • Are managed through a single Beyond Code account
  • Are only issued to accredited educational institutions
  • Are valid for one year and and can be renewed on request
  • Must only be used for teaching
  • Are not provided for individual use
  • Can't be used for commercial purposes

If you qualify for an individual education license or a classroom license, access one by verifying your status as a student at our license management portal at beyondcode.com.

  1. Create or log into your account
  2. Go to your profile page at beyondcode.com/profile
  3. Verify your official educational email address
  4. A license is automatically added to your account
  5. You'll need to re-verify your status as a student once a year to keep the license active

You can upgrade a non-commercial educational license to a commercial license at any time at our license management portal.