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Tinkerwell for Open Source

We support non-commercial open source projects by providing core contributors with a free license to use our software.

Who qualifies for free licenses

Developers of open source projects that:

  • Meet the open source definition
  • Are in active development and have regular commits within the past 3 months
  • Don't provide commercial versions or services around the project
  • Are not founded by a company
  • Don't pay core developers for working on the project

Support terms:

  • Only project leads or core committers qualify
  • Licenses are valid for one year and can be renewed if the project still meets our requirements
  • Free licenses may only used for developing non-commercial open source projects
  • Free licenses may not be shared with 3rd parties

If you and your project qualify for a free license, you can request a license key by sending an email to [email protected]. Please include a link and a description of your project as well as your role and we'll support you with a free license.