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Release notes for version 3.17.0#

We updated the version of the default Laravel to 9.48.0 and improved context menu of the editor.


Release notes for version 3.16.0#


We've added a new shortcut that allows you to quickly switch between the horizontal and vertical editor layouts. Simply press CTRL+. to switch between layouts.

We also improved the editor search. Previously, the only way to close the search was by clicking on the X button, but now you can use the ESC key to close the search. This small change will save you time and make the search feature more intuitive to use.

We also updated the built-in Laravel to the latest version, which is 9.47.0.


Fixed an issue when trying to evaluate code on Vapor with PHP 8.2.


Release Notes for version 3.15.0#


  • Added support for the latest version of Craft CMS
  • Custom path for Tinkerwell's data in remote connections


  • Fixed a bug where themes were not saved
  • Fixed failing Magic Comments with constants in enums

Release Notes for version 3.14.0#

We've updated the built-in Laravel to version 9.43.0 and added a brand new winter theme: Snow Forest. The shades of blue and green will remind you of a peaceful walk through a winter forest, adding a cozy and relaxing touch to your Tinkerwell experience. We hope you enjoy the new theme! ❄️


Release Notes for version 3.13.0#


Double clicking on a variable now also selects the dollar sign.

We also updated the built-in Laravel to the latest version, which is 9.41.0.


Updated the validation language file in the default Laravel.


Release Notes for version 3.12.0#


The size of the history entries stack is now customizable and defaults to 150. Please consider that the history is written on your hard drive, so too high numbers might have an impact on it 😉 Also keep in mind that reducing the history size to a smaller number results in the loss of the oldest entries.

You can now clear the list of recent folders in Settings → Advanced.

We also updated the built-in Laravel to the latest version, which is 9.38.0.


  • Fixed a display error on small screens with the recent folders toolbar

Release Notes for version 3.11.0#

A hoorray for your muscle memory: The shortcut CMD/CTRL+S now also runs code instead of triggering the Save dialogue. Of course you can still save a piece of code via File > Save File.

The port of the PHP language server is now configurable and we improved the feedback of the language server.

We also updated the built-in Laravel to the latest version, which is 9.36.2


Release Notes for version 3.10.0#

Commands are coming to Tinkerwell!

The first commands are available via the Open Anything feature now. Just hit CMD/CTRL+Shift+P and start typing the name of the command you search for. Type Open default Laravel to open the built-in default Laravel app. If you want to see all commands, you can list them by typing cmd. For now we focus on commands that speed up your workflow - for example opening the Connection Manager, the built-in default Laravel or changing the working directory.

Laravel default icon says goodbye

Tinkerwell has changed a lot in the past few months - for the better! The tool is more flexible and can run with many different setups and frameworks and so it's time to hide the default Laravel icon from the toolbar to clear up the minimal UI. The project is still there and opens with every new tab if you don't set a custom default project. If you have a custom default project, you can still access the built-in Laravel by opening it via the Open Anything feature with our new command Open default Laravel.

  • Updated built-in Laravel to version 9.30.1

Release Notes for version 3.9.0#

New themes!

Tinkerwell version 3.9.0 brings two new themes to you: Laracon Light and Laracon Dark! We hope that brings you in the mood for this weeks Laracon Online, which airs on Wednesday, September 14th at 2:45pm CEST!

We also updated the built-in Laravel to the latest version, which is 9.28.0.


  • Fixed a bug where the snippet label character counter was not visible
  • Fixed an edge case where a snippet would not open

Release Notes for version 3.8.1#


  • Fixed a bug where new project assignments for snippets were not regarded in the Open Anything modal

Release Notes for version 3.8.0#


  • You can now assign a remote connection or local folder to a snippet that is opened as soon as you open up the snippet (Enter or Cmd/Ctrl+Enter for a new tab). You can of course still copy/paste a snippet in the current tab regardless of the new assignment by using Shift+Enter.
  • Snippets can also be filtered by the connection or folder they are assigned to.
  • Added a custom caster for the Carbon class for improved output.


  • Fixed Symfony driver
  • Fixed an error with magic comments output
  • Fixed a bug where Docker icon was not available for all default projects

Release Notes for version 3.7.0#


  • Single lines in query inspection result are now selectable
  • Updated built-in Laravel to version 9.25.1
  • Improved output for runtime classes
  • Added Updates tab to preferences
  • Improved Shopware Driver


  • Added Chromium switch for Linux with fixes GPU problem
  • Fixed several problems with Magic Comments output

Release Notes for version 3.6.0#


  • Enable Docker in the Laravel default project
  • When auto hide is enabled, hitting the ESC key now also hides the result pane
  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.23.0


  • Fixed handling for Exceptions without a file key
  • Updated Magento Driver

Release Notes for version 3.5.0#

Let's open anything

With this version we're introducing the command palette to Tinkerwell! Open anything by hitting CMD/CTRL+Shift+P - search for a recent folder, connect to a remote host or access that snippet that you use every day. We're planning to add more features soon, so if you have any ideas, let us know on Twitter (@beyondcode).


  • Access your recent folders from the Tinkerwell dock icon (MacOS only)
  • Support for wsl.localhost in paths
  • More space for higher port numbers in connection settings
  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.21.0


  • Fixed a bug where new Forge connections weren't displayed
  • Fixed behaviour of welcome screen
  • Fixed a bug where SSH connections weren't saved when searching bevore

Release Notes for version 3.4.0#

Better Docker support

Starting with version 3.4.0 of Tinkerwell, the app no longer requires you to choose containers based on an existing docker-compose file. The updated Docker settings allow you to pick any of your running Docker containers to use for tinkering. Less configuration - more code runs!

Configure individual PHP versions

You can now configure individual PHP versions for each of your (local) projects. Simply select the PHP binary that Tinkerwell should use for a given tab. Tinkerwell will remember this setting the next time you re-open the folder.


  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.19.0

Release Notes for version 3.3.0#


  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.18.0
  • Added support for dynamic snippets via custom drivers
  • Added global drivers support

Release Notes for version 3.2.0#


  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.17.0

Release Notes for version 3.1.0#


  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.15.0
  • Improved autocompletion performance

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a comment on the last line in combination with magic comments would show NULL in the output
  • Fixed various magic comment usage edge cases
  • Fixed an issue where the plus icon of the tabs would disappear
  • Fixed an issue where the dropdown background/text would become unreadable with certain themes
  • Fixed an issue where new versions of OpenSSH would reject SSH connections with RSA keys
  • Fixed an issue where editing a duplicated connection was not possible

Release Notes for version 3.0.1#

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug where "Save File" would not use the latest editor state
  • Fixed a bug where magic comments would not work in combination with class methods
  • Fixed an issue where an indentation unit of NULL would cause the app to become unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where query inspection would not work properly when used with Docker

Tinkerwell 3 is here!#

After two years, it's finally time to say goodbye to the 2.x versions of Tinkerwell. Tinkerwell 3 is here and drastically improves upon every aspect of Tinkerwell 2 by introducing autocompletion, magic comments, automatic code coverage, new output modes, first-party support for Docker within WSL, custom SSH agent (like 1Password) support, a brand-new user interface and a lot of other bug fixes and usability improvements.

Check out what's new on tinkerwell.app


Release Notes for version 2.30.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.12.1

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug which caused missing Vapor environments

Release Notes for version 2.29.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.11.0

Release Notes for version 2.28.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.9.0

Release Notes for version 2.27.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.8.1

Release Notes for version 2.26.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.7.0


  • Fixed a bug where disconnecting from SSH resulted in the wrong working directory when a custom path was set

Release Notes for version 2.25.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.6.0
  • Some minor polishes 🎨

Release Notes for version 2.24.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.5.1
  • Accidentally closing tabs a lot? We got you! In this release, we added a setting to confirm closing tabs. You can find it in Preferences > General > Ask before closing tab.

Release Notes for version 2.23.0#

New Features

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 9.2.0
  • Improved look of group modal

Bug Fixes

  • Minor layout fixes

Release Notes for version 2.22.0#

New Features

  • Added Laravel 9 as Default Project
  • Starting with this version, we're dropping the version selector for the default project at all and only ship the latest release. You can still set a custom default project and use a different version 🙂 Want to know how? Check out the blog post!

Release Notes for version 2.21.1#


  • Fixed a bug where dump would not work with PHP 8.1

Release Notes for version 2.21.0#

New Features

  • Improved look & feel for SSH connections section

    • New icons and a fresh look 🎨
    • Close Connection Window with ESC key
  • Colored connection bar in editor footer, matching your current SSH connection (enable in Settings > Advanced)

  • Duplicate SSH connections

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 8.82.0


  • Fixed deprecation warning error with PHP 7.4

Release Notes for version 2.20.0#

New Features

  • You can add custom labels to Snippets.

  • Updated built-in Laravel to 8.80.0


  • Fixed the look of project labels with color coding in Snippets and History

Release Notes for version 2.19.0#

New Features

  • PHP 8.1 is now supported within the default Laravel 8 app, and within custom Tinkerwell apps
  • Updated Laravel to 8.75.0


  • Fixed an issue when using Tinkerwell on a server via SSH with multiple usernames

Release Notes for version 2.18.1#


  • Fixed a bug where the Default Laravel applications weren’t compatible with PHP 7.4

Release Notes for version 2.18.0#

New Features


We're introducing the Snippets feature to save often used code and helpful templates! You can access your Snippets via the sidebar, the menu bar or by hitting Cmd + B on Mac or Ctrl + B on Windows or Linux. Learn more about Snippets in the documentation.

  • Updated Laravel to 8.65.0


  • Fixed the loading of shares
  • Fixed a tab switching bug
  • Fixed styling of changelog

Release Notes for version 2.17.0#

New Features

  • Tinkerwell has a history now! It saves up to 50 code runs for you. You can access the history via the sidebar, the menu bar or by hitting Cmd + Y on Mac or Ctrl + I on Windows or Linux. You can find out more about the history in the docs.
  • Changed the shortcut for Tinkerwell settings to a more familiar keybinding: Ctrl + ,
  • Added tooltips with shortcut to the toolbar icons


  • Fixed tab switching bug on Linux

Release Notes for version 2.16.0#

New Features

  • Updated the built-in Laravel version to the latest available version (v8.60.0)
  • The context menu can now be loaded via SSH
  • Added the "Shades of Purple" theme


  • Fixed an issue where the Magento 2 driver would not load with newer versions of Magento
  • Fixed an issue where some shortcuts would not work on Linux

Release Notes for version 2.15.0#

New Features

  • You can now clear the output by pressing CTRL+L
  • Added the "Run Query Inspection" entry to the app menu
  • Running query inspection without highlighting code, automatically uses all of the code


  • Fixed an issue where the editor remained in a read-only state
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-updater, not auto updating (which is bad, because that's what it should do)

Release Notes for version 2.14.1#


  • Fixed an issue where the onboarding process callback was not triggered, leaving the editor in a read-only state
  • Fixed an issue where the sidebar menu was unresponsive when no PHP binary was installed locally
  • Windows & Linux: The "About" menu is now working
  • You can now switch between a "real-time" and "buffered" output type

Release Notes for version 2.14.0#


  • We added a freemium model into Tinkerwell, so that you can download and try it out instantly
  • We added an onboarding tour for new users
  • We added tracking of anonymous usage statistics. This feature is opt-in. You can learn more about what and how we track information at our blog
  • Windows: The menu bar is now hidden by default and can be triggered by pressing the Alt key
  • We completely rewrote the updater process to create a much better user experience for the next updates to come


  • Fixed an issue where you could not scroll the output while code was appended to it
  • macOS: The Tinkerwell window can now be closed using CMD+H instantly, instead of opening the "replace" editor option
  • Fixed an error where the code evaluation would be stuck in "evaluating" mode, when an error occurs
  • Windows: Fixed the ctrl+shift+r shortcut to run query inspections