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The fastest feedback loop in a code editor

Tinkerwell is a REPL (Read-Eval-Print-Loop) on steroids. It knows your application, provides autocompletion and supports multi-line code input with hot reloading.

Instead of directly jumping in your IDE, creating routes, controllers and whatnot, start the implementation in Tinkerwell where you get instant feedback on your database queries, and every bit of code that you can run in your app.

The automated framework bootstrapping allows you to work like you'd do it in a controller or test route but without the hassle of browser reloading or faking POST requests with an API platform.

You can use Tinkerwell to complete one-time tasks, write code with instant feedback from your application and debug without dump and dying all the time – you don’t even need to switch to your browser to see the results of the code that your write.

James Brooks, Developer at Laravel
“Seriously, Tinkerwell is great, I genuinely use it every single day for testing snippets or checking production data.”
James Brooks

Developer at Laravel

Mark Nuyens, Full-stack Developer
“I would say Tinkerwell is my second Terminal. I uses it to quickly browse data, test out functions and more. I especially like the isolated, but automated way it interprets my code.”
Mark Nuyens

Full-stack Developer

Tinkerwell: The PHP Scratchpad

The must-have companion to your favorite IDE. Quickly iterate on PHP code within the context of your web application.

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