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Laravel Herd Integration

Tinkerwell integrates deeply with Laravel Herd and is the perfect companion for developers on the Mac. It supports PHP binaries installed via Herd and respects the configuration of custom settings of your php.ini files.

Global shortcuts

Laravel Herd remembers the latest site that you serve when you open it in your browser. This is useful if you want to start a new tinker session for this site and you can do that by configuring a global shortcut within Herd. When you press this shortcut, Tinkerwell opens a new tab with the site and you can start tinkering right away.

Shortcut settings of Laravel Herd

Herd Sites

If you don't feel like using the shortcut or can't remember it, you can also open the list of sites in Herd and access Tinkerwell from there. Simply click the Tinkerwell icon in the actions column and Tinkerwell opens a new tab with the site.

Sites settings of Laravel Herd

Herd CLI

When you don't feel like pressing the global shortcut, you can also open the current directory of your terminal as a Tinkerwell project. Simply type herd tinker and Tinkerwell opens magically.

The herd tinker command features an optional site argument and you can start your tinker session by typing herd tinker --site=tinkerwell.app.test in your terminal – without opening the directory first.

Jack Ellis, Co-founder of Fathom Analytics
“I use Tinkerwell every single day and have 25 tabs open at any one time. It’s the essential tool for Laravel developers”

Jack Ellis

Co-founder of Fathom Analytics

Brent Vardy, Developer
“I can't imagine a day coding when I open Tinkerwell simply test an idea or to help me quickly find the root of a problem. If you are a PHP/Laravel developer get Tinkerwell now, you will never regret it.”
Brent Vardy


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