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CLI Helper

For now, the CLI helper is available only for MacOS.

The CLI helper allows you to open Tinkerwell within the current working directory right from your terminal. In the Advanced Settings you can install the CLI helper. After that, type tinkerwell <your path> or just tinkerwell for the current directory and off you go!

If the installation fails or you're just curious how it works, here are the steps to install the CLI helper manually:

  1. Make sure Tinkerwell is located in the /Applications directory.
  2. In the /usr/local/bin directory, create a symlink pointing to /Applications/Tinkerwell.app/Contents/Resources/tinkerwell/bin/darwin/tinkerwell.sh like so:
lrwxr-xr-x 1 root wheel 83 Jan 24 12:29 tinkerwell -> /Applications/Tinkerwell.app/Contents/Resources/tinkerwell/bin/darwin/tinkerwell.sh
  1. Restart your terminal session.
  2. Use tinkerwell <your-path> or just tinkerwell to open the working directory in Tinkerwell.