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Hey! You are currently looking at the documentation for Tinkerwell 3. The latest version of the documentation is available here.

Using the Tinkerwell default project

Tinkerwell comes with a default project that you can use to write code in your standard environment without any setup process. By default, this is a Laravel project with the latest Laravel version and comes with the requirements of the Laravel framework. Since Tinkerwell 3.18, this is Laravel 10 with PHP 8.1.

Use Laravel helpers to generate slugs and UUIDs or simple PHP functions like str_replace or go wild with API calls via the Http facade and collections.

->filter(function ($repo) {
return $repo['stargazers_count'] > 100;
->map(function ($repo) {
return $repo['full_name'];

Changing the default project

You can set your default project to a customer folder within the advanced settings.

This is useful if you only work on one project or usually use a different framework than Laravel. By changing the default project to a custom folder, this folder will be used as standard when you open a new tab.