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Snippets are a great way to save code that you use on a regular basis, like loops, often used queries or checks in production systems.

To create a snippet, right click in the editor and choose Add code to Snippets to create a Snippet with the complete code or Add selected code to Snippets to create a Snippet with the selected code only.

You can open the Snippets overview by clicking on the bookmark icon in the navigation, the menu bar or by using the shortcut Cmd + B on Mac or Ctrl + B on Windows/Linux. Cycle through the snippets using the arrow keys up and down or search all snippets for a specific piece of code. If you've found what you need, hit Enter to take over the snippet code into the active Tinkerwell tab. If you want to open up a new tab with the code, use Ctrl/Cmd + Enter. You can give every snippet a custom label for a better overview.

If you want to create a snippet from a history entry, click the »Create snippet« button in the history modal.

Shared Snippets

Project snippets

To share code snippets with your teammates for a specific project, add the folder .tinkerwell/snippets to your project's root directory. Inside this folder, create one PHP file for each code snippet. You can give each code snippet a name and a description by using the @label and @description annotations. The remaining contents of the file will be used as the code snippet.

For example:

* @label Tinkerwell License Key email
* @description Sends the welcome email with the license key to a customer, for example when they mistyped their email during checkout.
use App\License;
use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Mail;
$key = "KEY";
$license = License::where('key', $key)->first();
new LicenseKeyMail($license, null, $mail)

When you connect to the project and open the snippets overview, Tinkerwell will automatically load all the snippets from this folder.

Driver Snippets

This feature is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Tinkerwell. Please use project snippets instead.

You can add snippets to a Custom Tinkerwell Driver and store them in a project. So if you want to share snippets with other developers, the easiest way is to create a custom driver for a project and add the snippet via the context menu method. Tinkerwell loads these snippets when you connect to the project and makes them easily available – if you're wondering: You can't delete these snippets within the app and have to change or delete them via the custom driver.