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HTTP mode

This mode is deprecated and will be removed in Tinkerwell v3

You can switch to the HTTP mode in Tinkerwell by either pressing Cmd/Ctrl+H or using the menu bar via Tinker Mode -> HTTP.

The HTTP mode gives you two separate code editors and allows you to quickly test any Laravel view + controller combination.

The editor in the upper left holds your Blade view and can make use of any of the available Blade templating features.

The lower editor contains the code that would be run inside of a controller to return the view.

In here you could fetch Eloquent models from the database and pass it to the view. Your view can then make use of any data that gets passed to it from here.

You can also make use of any views that are available in your local applications that you have opened / connected to via SSH. If you want to return to the default view that Tinkerwell creates with the above editor content, you can use this code snippet:

return view('__tinker__::tinker');