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This feature is deprecated and will be removed in Tinkerwell v3

You can share your currently open code snippet with Tinkerwell. With your current code snippet open, press the "Share" icon in the menu bar.

To start sharing your snippets, you first have to login to your GitHub account.

After you have authenticated with your GitHub credentials, you can start sharing your code.

Each code snippet can have a title as well as a description.

When you're ready to share your code, you can decide how you want to share it.

Sharing it publicly will make your code available for everyone to see at Tinkerwell Shares. This is great if you want to show others some cool code snippets.

If you would rather keep the code snippet privat, you can also select "Create Secret Share" and your code will not be visible on the public Tinkerwell Shares site.

After creating a share, the URL to your share will be copied to your clipboard so that you can share it with others.

Existing shares

Once you have shared a code snippet, you can easily reopen it from within Tinkerwell. Just click the "Shares" icon again and you will see a list of all your shared code snippets. You can then load the snippet back into Tinkerwell, open the shared code snippet in your browser, or delete the shared snippet entirely.