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Tinkerwell Affiliate Program

If you have a significant social media profile, a high-traffic website or a popular newsletter, being an affiliate can pay your bills. You can earn a 20% commission on every Tinkerwell purchase that you refer to us.

You can sign up for our affiliate program here.

Why developers love Beyond Code products

Tens of thousands of developers use Beyond Code tools every day, and we're proud that our tools help them building better websites and applications for millions of people. The tools either save their valuable time or give them abilities that they wouldn't have without them – and they like them a lot.

Beyond Code affiliate program details

You get a 20% commission for every sale that a customer makes via your unique link or that they make within 30 days after this visit, as long as their affiliate cookie is still present.

If a customer purchases a Tinkerwell Lifetime license for $199, you get $39.50!
If you refer Tinkerwell for $49, you would get $9.80.

Please note that as we support PPP, prices for courses or software tools might differ, depending on the customers country.

To get started with our affiliate program, you can sign up for our affiliate program here. After your signup, we'll ask a few questions to qualify your account and check your profile, website or newsletter to make sure that only high quality accounts promote our software – if you are an individual developer without an audience, check the Beyond Code referral program.

Once signed up, you can see a list of all available affiliate links that you can promote, and a dashboard with all affiliates that came through your account.