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Introducing Detail Dive

Detail Dive is the new main output mode and comes with structured and expandable cards instead of the previous CLI output that is similar to the output in a terminal. It features an option to display SQL queries when they happen during the code execution and it's a great way to debug the code. Collections and arrays are collapsed by default but can be expanded to see their content, the same goes for relations that come with models.

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// Get a user from your database
$user = User::find(42);

// Add Tinkerwell to the user's apps
$wasAdded = $user->attachApp(Tinkerwell::class);

// Send welcome email
    ->send(new WelcomeEmail());
Illuminate\Mail\SentMessage {#4128 #sentMessage: Symfony\Component\Mailer\SentMessage {#4152 } }
INSERT INTO `user_apps` ( `user_id`, `app_id` ) VALUES ( 42, 1 )
SELECT * FROM `users` WHERE `id` = 42
App\Models\User {#3846
      id: 42
      name: "Marcel Pociot"
      email: "[email protected]"
      provider_id: "804684"
      provider_token: "ghu_zgN5qayX1!wYA2xoAD4JZm43QI9MvqR04Tf8d"
      provider_refresh_token: null
      created_at: "2023-09-01 11:45:12"
      updated_at: "2023-09-11 13:24:19"
      current_installation_id: null
      username: "mpociot"
      avatar: "https://avatars.githubusercontent.com/u/804684?v=4"
      current_account_id: 56
      provider: "github"
      account_reminder_sent_at: null
      provider_http_token: null
      provider_url: null

Table Mode

Instead of a different tinker mode, the table view is now part of the detail dive output. It's a great way to display, filter and export data from your database.

Mailable Preview

Prepare data and pass them to Mailables to preview them directly in the output without sending them. That's the easiest way to test emails.

Object Graph

Inspect relations of objects within the object graph view of Tinkerwell 4. The graph displays every relation of the object and allows you to dive deeper into the data.

AI code generation

Instead of writing or refactoring every line of code yourself, you can leverage the AI assistant to generate code for you. It uses the same technology as GitHub Copilot and you can add your own Open AI API key to the Tinkerwell settings to get started without any extra subscription with us.

Log Tailing

Tinkerwell 4 comes with a new feature called log trailing. It allows you to see the latest log entries of your application in real-time. It's a great way to debug your application and see what's happening in the background. Instead of diving into the logs in your terminal, connect to your application with Tinkerwell and search, filter and displays log entries.

Custom Themes

Tinkerwell 4 has a new theme selector with preview mode and you can choose between multiple light and dark themes. You can also create your own themes and share them with the community or share your love about Tinkerwell and get access to a theme reserved for our biggest fans.

Referral Program

You know someone who would benefit from Tinkerwell? Tell them and they get updates for 14 instead of 12 months when buying a license. You get digital and physical rewards for every referral milestone you reach.

There's more

We've improved many existing features and added new ones that were requested by the community.

Customizable Shortcuts

Make Tinkerwell your own with custom shortcuts – we've added a new shortcut editor that allows you to set the shortcuts to your preference.

Remote Docker Support

Running Docker containers in production? We've got you covered with the same detection for containers that Tinkerwell supports since version 3.

Reorganized Settings

New features make new settings and so we've reorganized the settings page to make them easier to find and understand.

Zen Mode

The Zen Mode is a new mode for purists who mostly use shortcuts and want to hide every toolbar and sidebar to focus on the code.

Improved Code Completion

The upgraded code completing engine has better support for Laravel and uses types to detect methods and properties and can even follow relations.

New Theme Selector

Selecting a theme is now easier than ever with the new theme selector that comes with a nice preview of the selected theme.

Background Updates

Skip the update process and get the latest version of Tinkerwell automatically. It's by far the most requested feature over the years.