Run any PHP code locally in production on Laravel Vapor in Docker containers with any framework

Available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

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Tinker with any framework that you want



Tinkerwell comes with ahhhhhhhh!!!!mazing features

Tinker locally

Tinkerwell can run code within your PHP applications. It includes a Laravel default project to start right away.

Select a local project and tinker with your own code.

Tinker via SSH

Tinkerwell connects to your remote applications via SSH and gives you a secure and convenient access to them.

Your code does not get modified, and no third-party package required.

Testing Mode

Tinkerwell has a Testing Mode that you can use to get going with testing your application and write tests easily.

Have a look at the screenshots below to see how to use PHPUnit with Tinkerwell.

Query inspection

In Laravel projects, Tinkerwell allows you to inspect queries that get called by your code under the hood.

Select code and press CMD+Shift+R to run your code with query inspection enabled.

Framework agnostic

Tinkerwell is framework agnostic and works with any PHP application.

Create custom drivers that bootstrap common classes or load custom context menu items for your specific project.

Table View

Tinkerwell allows you to browse any PHP array or collection as an interactive data-table.

No matter if the data is a static array, from your database or a HTTP endpoint.

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Trusted by 6,352 happy developers


  • Download for MacOS, Windows and Linux
  • Run your PHP code locally or via SSH
  • License for two computers
  • Includes one year of updates
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What other people think

Have pretty much used this every day since release tbh... and I'm not paid to say this in any way... πŸ₯°

Taylor Otwell


Just downloaded Tinkerwell on the recommendation from @jerredchurst and wow. Just wow.

Matt Trask


I use Tinkerwell all the time now. Love that app.

Eric L. Barnes


It’s one of the few apps that has managed to land a permanent home on my Dock. I limit it to 10 apps, just the essential stuff.

luigiboard πŸ‘»πŸŽƒ


During yesterday's live session, @beausimensen got to stream Tinkerwell for the first time. It is a *great* way to tinker with Laravel applications.



This is a ridiculously awesome tool. I just watched your video in double speed and I've got my card in hand for that purchase.

Luminus O. Alabi


That's amazing. I just downloaded the app today, and I don't know how I lived without it. Much better than my former workflow. Thanks!

Israel Araujo


I’m a fan! It instantly became a part of my daily toolkit!

Patrick Stephan


Pretty rad man πŸ€™ With the auto reload functionality as I type, it makes it easy to debug a lot of the logic in my apps. Very well done πŸ‘Œ

Tony Lea



Please read the docs and check the community help repository before opening a support ticket.

Do you have a return policy?

In case you are unhappy with Tinkerwell, just get in touch with us within the first 14 days and we will figure it out.

Technical Support

If you have a technical problem, please open a GitHub issue here. We try to guide you in the right direction there but due to the amount of unique development setups, we can't provide individual technical support or consulting.

Sales Support

In case you need help with your purchase, you can send us an email at support@beyondco.de. We can track down lost emails, process refunds, or link licenses with Beyond Code accounts.