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Enjoy the new Laracon Online themes 🍿

Laracon Online is one of the biggest online conferences in the web industry. As always, we at Beyond Code sponsor this event and our CTO Marcel gives a talk about UI and Component testing with Cypress.

Tinkerwell ❤️ Laracon!

This week, Tinkerwell received a new release on Monday. This release features two brand new themes for your favorite tinker tool: Laracon Dark and Laracon Light.

If you like the dark mode, the dark version of the new theme is for you – it includes the awesome illustrations by flicknelson and uses matching colors for the code editor.

It provides you with a calm, eye-pleasing environment to craft your code. This video also shows one of the latest new features of Tinkerwell - assigning a local project or a connection to a snippet, so the project gets opened up automatically as soon as you open the snippet.

The light version of this theme uses a colorful and contrast-rich welcome screen and a delightful code editor. Did you notice that you can filter your snippets by project since release 3.8.0? That’s one of the helpful improvements we wanted to have ourselves for a long time.

We hope you like the new themes as much as we do. Have fun at Laracon Online ! 🥳

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