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Fetching blog posts from the database with Tinkerwell and Symfony

Tinkerwell supports multiple frameworks and platforms – Symfony is one of them. In this example, we're using the exposed variables of the Symfony driver for Tinkerwell and fetching a blog post from the database to display it's title.

Tinkerwell up to 3.7 contains a broken driver and you need to use the updated driver as custom driver until the fix has been released with 3.8

The Symfony driver exposes the variables $kernel and $container to access classes that get loaded via dependency injection in a normal application context. This makes it possible to get a service from the container and use it like you would use it in a controller.

$doctrine = $container->get('doctrine')->getManager();

If you use Symfony and run a blog/teach how to use it, feel free to contact us at [email protected] for a Tinkerwell license. We'd love to learn what Tinkerwell can do for Symfony developers and write blog posts about this.

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