The magical code editor that runs your code within local and remote PHP applications.

Available for macOS, Linux and Windows.

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Tinkerwell Code Example
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Tinker locally

Tinkerwell can run code within your PHP applications. It includes a Laravel default project to start right away.

Select a local project and tinker with your own code.

Tinker via SSH

Tinkerwell connects to your remote applications via SSH and gives you a secure and convenient access to them

Your code does not get modified, and no third-party package required.

IDE integration

Tinkerwell has official IDE plugins so that you can run code directly from your favorite code editor.

We provide integrations for VSCode, Sublime Text 3 and PhpStorm.

Query inspection

In Laravel projects, Tinkerwell allows you to inspect queries that get called by your code under the hood.

Select code and press CMD+Shift+R to run your code with query inspection enabled.

Framework agnostic

Tinkerwell is framework agnostic and works with any PHP application.

Create custom drivers that bootstrap common classes or load custom context menu items for your specific project.

Table View

Tinkerwell allows you to browse any PHP array or collection as an interactive data-table.

No matter if the data is a static array, from your database or a HTTP endpoint.


Tinker locally

Tinker via SSH

See your PHP results in an interactive table view

IDE integration

Query inspection

Framework agnostic

Themes and fonts

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