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Tinker with your apps in production

Published on

I recently listened to latest episode of the Laravel Podcast, where Matt Stauffer talked with Nuno Maduro about php artisan tinker and all things CLI. In the podcast, they said that they use tinker most for running code on production servers. And that's also a huge part of my daily workflow with…

Open Tinkerwell from your command line with ZSH

Published on

This post is based around a ZSH function that Fong Hok Kin published in our Tinkerwell Community on GitHub. Wouldn't it be cool if you could open Tinkerwell directly from your command line by typing tinkerwell .? This works by using the Tinkerwell URL schema and using a ZSH function. The easiest way…

Testing Laravel emails with Tinkerwell and HELO

Published on

There are many ways to test emails in Laravel applications. In this tutorial, we are using Tinkerwell to trigger the email and display the content in HELO to see how it looks in modern email clients. Configure HELO The configuration of HELO is straight forward. Simply set your mailer to SMTP on your…

Consuming HTTP APIs with Laravel 7 and Tinkerwell

Published on

Let's take a look at how you can make use of Tinkerwell and Laravel 7 to consume HTTP APIs easily. As an example, we are going to use the Laravel Forge API. You can find the API documentation here. Making HTTP requests Since Tinkerwell 2.3.0, the default application in Tinkerwell is running on…

Interactive debugging with Tinkerwell

Published on

Since Tinkerwell 2.2, it is possible to interactivly debug your Laravel apps. You can think of it as a dd helper with super powers. It allows you to instantly open up Tinkerwell and make your variables available in Tinkerwell. Here's a quick video of how that looks like: To make use of this in your…

Dispatching Laravel Jobs without reloading

Published on

One of my most common use-cases is dispatching Laravel jobs with Tinkerwell while I develop the job itself. Previously I did this via php artisan tinker and had to restart my tinker session every time I changed my code to get the latest changes. Tinkerwell always uses the most recent source code,…

How to write a custom Tinkerwell driver

Published on

Tinkerwell bootstraps your application with something that we call driver and adds common use cases to a right-click context menu item. At the time of this writing, Tinkerwell supports Laravel, October CMS and Wordpress out of the box. If none of the drivers match your application, the fallback…

Tinker with your database

Published on

In this blog post, I want to share one of my daily use cases with Tinkerwell. Of course, tinkering with random code is perfect with it–but there is a lot more where Tinkerwell can help you in your daily workflow. Querying your database Before I had Tinkerwell, I was using Table Plus a lot. I was…

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