Tinkerwell 2.6.0 Release Notes (19. Mar 2020)

We just released version 2.6.0 of Tinkerwell and it comes with some nice new features, new drivers, as well as bugfixes.

Watching files for changes

Tinkerwell 2.6 allows you to open a specific file and watch it for changes. This will hide the input code editor in the Tinkerwell UI and all changes made to the file will be evaluated in the current selected Tinkerwell tab. This allows you to make use of all your favorite IDE features, like autocompletion, while still quickly evaluating the file within Tinkerwell - even via SSH!

You can take a look at an example share here.

Global drivers

Drivers can now be applied globally to your projects. Simply place your custom Tinkerwell driver file in a .tinkerwell folder in your users HOME directory. The folder will be created upon the first evaluation automatically.

Please note: Global drivers are global within the same environment they run in. So all your local projects will use your local global driver, but SSH connections won't - as they would require you to create a global driver on your SSH server within the users home folder.

New drivers

Tinkerwell 2.6.0 adds support for multiple new frameworks and PHP applications. The new version comes with drivers for:

  • Symfony
  • Drupal 7
  • Drupal 8
  • TYPO3
  • Shopware 5


Tinkerwell 2.6.0 also fixes a couple of issues:

- HTML mode now works via SSH
- PHP errors can now be copied/selected
- We fixed the autoupdater. All upcoming versions will be applied automatically. Right now you have to close the app and wait for quite some time for the update to be finished in the background.

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