Tinkerwell 2.3.0 Release Notes (03. Mar 2020)

We just released version 2.3.0 of Tinkerwell bringing Table View support, Laravel 7 as the default app, and QoL improvements.

Laravel 7

Tinkerwell 2.3.0 now uses Laravel 7 as the default application when tinkering. You can also customize the default Laravel version and switch between 7.x and 6.x in your settings.

Table View

Tinkerwell 2.3.0 adds a new "Table View" that allows you to display any array/collection in a searchable table. The table view works for local and remote projects. You can also copy the table data either as a PHP array, or as JSON data.

In addition to these big features, Tinkerwell 2.3.0 also comes with a lot of quality of life improvements, such as:

  • Save editor content as PHP files
  • Open existing PHP files into the editor
  • Open recent projects
  • Toggle the toolbar via a shortcut
  • Use CMD+0-9 to switch between the tabs

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