Tinkerwell 1.2 Release Notes (19. Nov 2019)

We just released version 1.2.0 of Tinkerwell bringing IDE integration and custom tabs.


Tinkerwell 1.2 allows you to open multiple projects, SSH connections or default Laravel apps using tabs. Just press CMD-T to create a new tab.

IDE integration

Tinkerwell 1.2 brings support for custom IDE integration. That's right - you can use Tinkerwell straight from your favorite IDE!

Tinkerwell will be available as plugins for VSCode, PhpStorm and Sublime Text 3.

The official Tinkerwell plugins allow you to write your PHP code in your favorite IDE. When you press a shortcut (or use the context menu) the code will automatically run as if you would run it in Tinkerwell.

Do you only want to run a partial code snippet? Just select the code you want to run and choose "Run with Tinkerwell".

Open code in Tinkerwell

In addition to seeing the Tinkerwell output right in your favorite IDE, you can also open Tinkerwell from within your IDE.

Just select the code (or use the whole file) and choose "Open in Tinkerwell" from the IDE context menu - the code will be available in Tinkerwell and you can connect to remote sites and tinker with your code.

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