Tinkerwell 1.1 Release Notes (11. Nov 2019)

We just released version 1.1.0 of Tinkerwell today and it comes with a lot of convenience bugfixes as well as some cool new features for you to tinker with (see what I did there?).

Query Inspection

Tinkerwell 1.1 allows you to inspect queries that get called by your code under the hood. Do you want to see what a specific Laravel eloquent model is doing in this select query? Do you have a potential N+1 issue in your code?

Just select the lines of code that you want to inspect, press CMD-Shift-R and you will see an overview of all the queries that were performed in that specific piece of code.

More customization options

Tinkerwell 1.1 allows you to customize the editor to your needs even more. Properly define the font, font size and line-height that you want.

Better SSH support

With Tinkerwell 1.1 you now have full control over your SSH connection. You can customize the SSH port, as well as use passphrase protected private keys.

New themes

Tinkerwell 1.1 comes with two new themes for you. Solarized dark and Solarized light.

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