Frequently asked questions

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Which operating systems are supported?

Tinkerwell runs on macOS. If you are interested in Tinkerwell on another operation system, please sign up for the newsletter and select your desired operating system.

What are the system requirements?

Tinkerwell requires you to have a working local PHP binary. The minimum PHP version depends on the Laravel version that you want to tinker with, but we always recommend running the latest available stable version of PHP via homebrew for macOS.

Where can I suggest new features?

You can suggest new features at our public GitHub repository where we track suggestions and bugs.

How can I get in touch with you?

You can send us an email at

Is the license valid forever?

Yes. The license has no time limit and lasts forever. It covers updates to the app for at least one year after your purchase, so if we stop working on Tinkerwell and Apple introduces breaking changes to macOS, the app can stop working at some point.

We will very likely introduce a version 2 with a different pricing model that requires a new license in the future. If we do that, we make sure that all version 1 customers can transition easily and at low or no cost. Version 1 will still work and get updates within the policy mentioned above.

On how many computers can I use one license?

One license key can be activated on two computers. If your second activation fails, please write an email to and we fix it – the first few hundred licenses were created with the default configuration of our vendor and need to be upgraded to two activations manually.

We likely change the number of computers per license in the future but if you buy now, you'll get two activations.

How do I access the IDE plugins?

The PhpStorm plugin can be found in the IntelliJ marketplace.
The VSCode plugin can be found in the Visual Studio marketplace.
The Sublime Text 3 plugin is waiting to get merged.

How do I run IDE code via SSH?

Unfortunately, the IDE plugins do not support SSH connections and you have to run these code snippets in the Tinkerwell app directly.

How do I open Homestead Projects?

The standard configuration for Homestead is:

  • Host:
  • Port: 22
  • User: vagrant
  • App path: /home/vagrant/projects/project

Make sure to use the correct SSH private key file and check your Homestead.yaml for overrides of these settings.

Running into SSH connection issues?

Please check your private and public key path. We track down most connection issues to a misconfiguration of key pairs at Vagrant, Homestead or the remote server. Both keys must be in the same directory.

The "passphrase" input field is for password protected keys and not for server passwords.

Do you have a return policy?

In case you are unhappy with Tinkerwell, just get in touch with us within the first 14 days and we will figure it out.

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